Specialty Cables

With our comprehensive experience, we conclude that many stock cable items available in the market today could have been designed better for more flexible installation and efficient performance. That's why we've developed our line of specialty cables.

What makes Pactech's specialty cables distinct?

  • High Quality– We use high quality cables and connectors from name brand manufacturers such as Amphenol and Molex to enhance performance and durability.
  • Unique, Low-Profile, Ultra-Slim Design- Our products include features such as slim cables, low profile connectors, left angle/right angle connectors that that fit snugly into 1U servers, data center racks, compact systems, portable industrial controls, and tight space enclosures.
  • Flexible Bundling and Smaller Forms– These enable elegant cabling management, better airflow and cooling.
  • Custom Cable Options– Our specialty cables can be combined with our custom cable solutions to maximize the benefits of the cables

Why use specialty cables?

  • Reduces cable dangling
  • Conserves space and improves thermal efficiency
  • Simplifies cable installation and management
  • Extends lifetime of equipment

These are the types of specialty cables we have:

CAT6 superflat cablesNetwork Cables