Lowering Design & Installation Costs and Labor Hours for Data Communication and Data Centers

Today's data centers include a diverse number of devices like bladed servers, clustered storage systems, virtualization appliances, and backup devices. All these devices are interconnected by networking equipment and physical cables, which require a reliable, scalable, flexible, manageable, and high-performing cabling infrastructure.

Data Center and Rack designers will tell you that planning is the key to successfully cabling a data center. At Pactech we've continued providing innovative cabling products to make things easier for our clients.

Introducing Pactech's FlexNet Copper Cabling Solutions

Pactech FlexNet copper cabling solution is ideal for building structured data communication and data center infrastructure. The cable bundles will connect and transfer data among switch ports, patch panels, servers and storage for in-rack, in-row or row-to-row applications. These trunks are pre-terminated and 100% pre-tested for performance consistency, running a distance of up to 24 meters for Gbit and 10Gbit applications.

In each case, the fast deployment of all single cables within the same bundle can save time and reduce the cost of labor for termination, troubleshooting and loop testing on-site. We will fully certify the end-to-end connection and performance if you use FlexNet patch cables and the related components and accessories.

How It Works

Pactech FlexNet copper cabling solutions consist of bundles of traditional 24AWG Ethernet CAT6 and CAT6A patch cables, including the new UltraSoft CAT6 series in shrek green color. Besides, we also carry a rich set of contemporary 28AWG FlexLite™, including new FlexMini™ and 28AWG FlexRibbon™ series of CAT6 U/UTP and CAT6A U/FTP 600MHz cables. These are the flexible, lightweight, low bend radius cables for all networking environments with LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) fire retardant rating, UL-certified and RoHS compliance.

Use our cable configurator (shown below) to customize the cable solution you need with the following 8 options, and send it to us for a quote.



  • FlexLite 6 Jack Modules x6

  • FlexLite 6 Plug Modules x24

  • Pactech C6 24AWG Plug Pack 2×4 UltraSoft Shrek Green

  • FlexRibbon6 Jack Pack 1×6

  • FlexMini

  • FlexMini

Next Steps

All FlexNet copper bundles can be fully customized with different trunk lengths and leg lengths and can be ordered online with an easy-to-use FlexNet Order Configurator, or through the step-by-step assistance from the Pactech Customer Service Team.

As usual, the orders come with fast turnaround shipment based on the customer’s requested shipping method. Rush orders and sample (Proof of Concept) orders are accepted for 1-3 days turnaround. Dropship service or any special shipping instruction need to be given at the time of ordering or before shipping starts.

If you'd like to give our FlexNet Copper Cabling Solutions a try, contact your sales representative or contact us at sales@pactech-inc.com.

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